PowerApps Form – submit multiple forms at once without Patch and extra buttons

Everyone knows that PowerApps Forms are much trickier than their siblings - PowerApps Apps. So when it comes to creating a multi form experience it's not the same for PowerApps Forms. In fact Microsoft PowerApps Team recommends using a Patch function or other workarounds. So officially multi forms for PowerApps Forms are not supported. It's obvious why one would like to use multiple forms over a huge single form - a better user experience and a natural feel. So it is doable and the benefits of using it the way I described below are: No extra buttons. While a custom button can compliment your form and expand its functionality, you still have standard buttons you cannot hide. All columns can stay required on a SharePoint level. The forms will react to those required fields as needed. No Patch function. Don't get me wrong, the Patch function is very useful but…

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