PowerApps form in SharePoint – create a configurable auto-incrementing column without Flow

If you search for SharePoint auto-incrementing column or SharePoint counter column you will notice that most of the examples use the old Workflow or Microsoft Flow to achieve that. In this blog post I will explain how to use PowerApps to do the same and even better. The benefits of using this method are: Configurable counter (if you would like to skip or reserve some numbers, you can adjust the counter to anything). That counter list can have many configuration items for other custom lists and applications. No Microsoft Flow runs are used. Further customization is possible (e.g. reserved numbers). The only downside I could find so far, when several users submit the form at once (literally within the same second), one of them will get an error message. So I'd recommend catching that error and let a user know to retry saving the form. Please note that in this…

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