SharePoint Column Formatting – hide Title column and use JSON to show View and Edit buttons in any column

It’s not always convenient to use a default Title column that comes standard with a newly created SharePoint list. PowerApps form can take care of it and add some logic to it but it is still a Single line of text column. To make it even more complicated to remove, that Title column ties to a "view/edit an item" link. If you still want to get rid of it and not lose any functionality you can use a simple JSON code below: { "elmType": "a", "txtContent": "@currentField", "attributes": { "href": "=''+[$ID]" }, "style": { "padding": "10px", "font-weight": "bold" } } However, this method has quite a few downsides: when closing a form, it redirects to a Default view (it is possible to specify which view to go but that might be a lot of hard-coding depending on how many views you have); the link is hard-coded; does not seem to open "modern…

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SharePoint Document Library – show Path column in the view and make it clickable to open that path

How to add / show Path column in a view in a SharePoint Document Library appears to be a question with hundreds of different answers to it. The reasons for such a variety are: different versions of SharePoint (on premise, online, 2010, 2013); two Workflow variations ("old" workflow, Microsoft Flow); SharePoint Designer (2010, 2013); using Web Parts and more. Why would one need to see a Path column? Take a look at the two examples below; however, there might be more use cases. Example 1 - when searching for files. Example 2 - when using a view with "Show all items without folders" option selected Here is a test Document Library with a folder and some document in it: It's not possible to show Path column using out-of-the-box tools, the Path column is just not available to be selected: Although the Path can be seen if you open the details pane:…

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SharePoint Column Formatting – customize the look of Hyperlink columns and their Display Text

There is nothing wrong with how SharePoint Hyperlink columns display information by default. However, some users believe that the look is too generic, hard to bring attention to, which I myself tend to agree with. Let's see how it looks by default: The issues in my opinion are: the Display Text is grey and no different than any other column if Display Text needs to always be the same (e.g. CLICK HERE), then it has to be typed in that way in every single list item. We will address both issues. 1. KEEP THE ORIGINAL DISPLAY TEXT AND CHANGE THE LOOK The following JSON code is applied to both Hyperlink columns: { "$schema": "", "elmType": "a", "txtContent": "@currentField.desc", "style": { "color": "red", "font-weight": "bold" }, "attributes": { "target": "_blank", "href": "@currentField" } } 2. SHOW PREDEFINED DISPLAY TEXT AND CHANGE THE LOOK The following JSON code is applied to both…

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