Add corporate or custom holidays to user calendars – 2nd method – bulk

Most companies, if not all, have their own set of holidays on top of national ones. So, distributing them is a pretty common task for an Office 365 / Exchange admin. There are different approaches out there with their own pros and cons. I’ve come up with two methods that combined give me a great result. In this post let’s focus on the 2nd method – a bulk one. I came up with this method after doing the migration from IBM Domino to Office 365. It looks complicated but after doing it several times you'll get comfortable and it won't be taking much time anymore. To see more about the 1st method (manual), please follow this link - Add corporate or custom holidays to user calendars – 1st method – manual PREREQUISITES: 1) Download and install (please use default settings) Azure Storage Explorer 2) Prepare a .csv file with all accounts using the…

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