Microsoft Flow – parse email and extract information

If you have a 3rd party system that sends standardized notifications and you would like to automatically process those notifications, then this Flow can be helpful. The flow below parses a predefined email, extracts information for you to take further actions with it. Those actions can be: saving data into a SharePoint List; forwarding part of an email to another system; removing all formatting and so on. The flow is pretty simple and consists of these steps: 1) Trigger - When a new email arrives. 2) Action - Html to text - convert email body from HTML to plain text. 3) Action - Initialize variable - store a carriage return value in it. Peek code view: { "inputs": { "variables": [ { "name": "CRLF", "type": "String", "value": "\n" } ] } } 4) Action - Compose - split output from #2 into an array. Expression: split( trim( uriComponentToString( replace( uriComponent(…

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