SharePoint – enable or disable Share option per each library within a site

This post is about how to enable or disable Share option for each library within a SharePoint subsite. There are different suggestions that worked for some but didn’t for the others in this stackexchange topic –

I found a way to control it by adjusting Access Requests Settings and Permission levels. Unfortunately it’s almost impossible to find any documentation on what each Permission option does.

Let’s see how it all works together.

Microsoft is known to change things down the road, so the settings that work today might not in the future. Please test everything before moving forward in your production environment.

So here is a test subsite with two document libraries:

The first requirement is Allow members to share the site and individual files and folders must be checked:

Second, on your main site within a site collection you need to create a copy of the Contribute permission level, name it Contribute without Sharing as an example.

At last, in that newly created Contribute without Sharing permission level find and uncheck User Self -Service Site Creation. That’s the option that makes a big difference. 


Sharing is OFF (test user has a custom Contribute without Sharing permission level assigned):

Sharing is ON (test user has a standard Contribute permission level assigned):

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  1. Brian

    This is exactly what I needed! THANK YOU! I can’t believe this isn’t documented elsewhere or made a much clearer function by Microsoft

    1. Pavel Bludov

      Hey Brian,
      I know, right? It was a head scratcher to me too!

  2. Fernando

    This does not work for me

  3. Marie

    This worked last year but seems like it is no longer a viable solution. Do we think there has been an MS change that overrides this approach?

    1. Paul Bludov

      Hi Marie,
      Thanks for your input. I haven’t tested it recently but there is always a chance MS may have changed something.

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