Add corporate or custom holidays to user calendars – 1st method – manual

Most companies, if not all, have their own set of holidays on top of national ones. So, distributing them is a pretty common task for an Office 365 / Exchange admin. There are different approaches out there with their own pros and cons. I’ve come up with two methods that combined give me a great result. In this post let’s focus on the 1st method - a manual one. To see more about the 2nd method (bulk), please follow this link – Add corporate or custom holidays to user calendars – 2nd method – bulk So, all you have to do is create a text file, change its extension to *.hol, name it with something that makes sense (e.g. 2019 Contoso Holidays.hol), put a text content similar to my example below: [Contoso Holidays] 3 New Year, 2019/01/01 Contoso Birthday, 2019/04/28 Planned Shutdown, 2019/12/31 where [Contoso Holidays] is a location and "3"…

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