Power Automate – add more data to a CSV log file

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This Power Automate workflow adds data to the same CSV file after each run. The most common use case is saving results of the workflow to a CSV log file. Of course, it would be a bit more complicated than my test scenario but the concept is exactly the same. Pros of the workflow: puts the most recent data at the top of the CSV file; saves data into a single file rather than multiple (although each approach can have its use case); the latter makes it much easier to search through. The initial file can be empty (just the headers) or have some matching data: 1) Initialize variable action –  varArray variable (Array type). Value: [ { "Name": "John", "Date": "10/12/2022" }, { "Name": "Jeff", "Date": "09/16/2022" } ] 2) Create CSV table action. From: variables('varArray') 3) Initialize variable action –  CRLF variable (String type). Value: uriComponentToString('%0D%0A') 4) Get file metadata using path action. Peek code: "parameters": {…

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